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Kevin Zhang is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur and the CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global eCommerce organization with over 60 team members and facilities spanning 3 countries. At age 23, Kevin achieved critical acclaim in the eCommerce and digital strategy community for generating $20M in sales during his first year as an entrepreneur. Kevin subsequently become the youngest member admitted to the Forbes Business Council and has spoken at conferences around the world.

Aside from managing his business, Kevin is an active advocate for eCommerce education and has provided mentorship to thousands of students around the world. The son of Chinese immigrants, Kevin's experience attaining the American Dream has reinforced his belief in the transformative power of education. This belief guides Kevin's philanthropic efforts, most notably, his co-founding of the Rosebud Fund—a scholarship fund to send high performing Lakota youth to college.
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Kreator eCommerce is a leader in the eCommerce and digital strategy space focusing on both the rapid scaling of bootstrapped eCommerce businesses and providing thought leadership in the world of digital strategy. Founded in August 2018 by Kevin Zhang and Raoul Benjamin, Kreator started out as a dorm room hustle between two friends and has grown to employ a team of 60+ across 3 global locations.

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The son of poor Chinese immigrants, Kevin has achieved the American Dream and is passionate about educating and inspiring others to do the same. Attend Kevin's next free training where he will share the exact eCommerce business model responsible for generating $20 Million in sales in his first year in business. Kevin teaches you how to bootstrap your way to building a legitimate eCommerce brand that keeps customers happy and provides long-term value. This isn’t eCommerce like you’ve ever experienced before, Kevin explains the biggest reasons why others fail and how his strategies are different. This is eCommerce done right.

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